Industrial Manufacturing

  • Common Materials Added To Alloy Steel Forgings

    Alloyed steel is often used in forgings. They use a range of engineering alloys that can be heat-treated to be given a broad range of mechanical properties. There are several materials that can be added to an alloy steel forging to create different types of forgings. Silicon and Nickel Silicon and nickel are used to increase the retention of ductility and to improve the resistance to impact. Silicon is sometimes added to steel because it will give the steel magnetic properties.
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  • Why Engineered Wood Products Are Eco-Friendly

    You might be anti-wood building materials because you are "pro-tree," but there are wood-like products out there that might change your mind. These engineered wood products are more eco-friendly than you might imagine. Here are some reasons why these products are perfect for tree lovers like yourself.  Engineered Wood Made of Scraps Some engineered wood is made of scraps of other wood and sawdust. Usually, these leftover wood products are thrown away, but they can be made into wood panels to be used for constructing things like cabinets and shelving.
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  • Overhead Cranes: Technicalities, Truths, And Myths

    Cranes are useful in so many settings and in so many ways. To call a crane an overhead crane is a matter of a technicality, a truth, and a myth all rolled into one. To explain this better, the following is provided.  Technically, All Cranes Are "Overhead" Cranes Technically, any crane that lifts anything over your head is an "overhead" crane. All cranes lift things over people's heads; that is just what cranes do.
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