2 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Spot For Your Business's Propane Tank

Posted on: 7 August 2020


If your business will be utilizing propane for its gas needs, you may be making preparations about where to store the tank once it is delivered. However, if you have never dealt with propane, you may be uncertain as to where you can store it. When choosing the spot for your business's new propane tank, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

Do Not Store the Tank on the Bare Ground

One mistake that you must avoid making when trying to find a spot for your business's propane tank is choosing a location where the tank will sit on the bare ground. If a tank is set on the bare ground, even if it has legs, the metal will be exposed to direct moisture. Even if the tank is constructed from thick metal, the constant exposure to moisture will eventually cause erosion of the surface and possibly deteriorate enough to create holes. These holes would then cause the propane gas to leak out, creating not only a breathing hazard but also increasing the possibility of an explosion. If the ideal spot for the tank is bare ground, you should first make plans to create a pad that is lifted up away from the soil. You can either have someone pour concrete to serve as a base for the tank or discuss possible options with the service from whom you will be obtaining the tank and propane.

Place the Tank in an Enclosed Area

Another mistake you need to avoid when placing your new propane tank is planning on putting it inside any enclosed area. Not only will any gas leaks pose a serious explosion threat, but an enclosed area will likely heat up the tank faster when the sun hits the building and there is not enough airflow inside. When choosing the spot, make sure you select an area outside and away from any structures. If the tank will be placed in direct sunlight, you can consider constructing a canopy that will shield the tank from the sun. However, make sure the canopy has no walls to allow for adequate airflow and is held in place by sturdy legs to keep the canopy from falling and damaging the tank.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help you ensure that the propane tank is stored safely. If you have further questions or concerns about proper tank storage, speak with a representative from a propane gas service near you.