Three Reasons To Outsource Your Metal Milling Needs

Posted on: 28 July 2020


Creating custom machine parts takes careful planning, design, and machining. While planning and design software can be expensive, the start-up costs required to start machining parts can intimidate anyone with a new business. Instead of putting a lot of money and time into machining your own parts, you can send your designs to a CNC lathe machine shop. These shops specialize in creating metal parts to their customers' exact specifications. The following are a few reasons to hire the services of a milling machine shop.

Save Money

Milling machine parts yourself takes a significant monetary investment. First, CNC lathe machines typically cost thousands of dollars. A relatively inexpensive machine may not have the full functionality that your shop would need to produce the complex parts you design. Second, in order to use a CNC lathe safely and effectively, your team would need extensive (and expensive) training from industry experts. These machines produce dangerous metal shavings that can cause bodily harm, so they need to be used only by trained professionals. Third, running such intense machinery will add to your shop's utility bills. All of these costs add up quickly, so unless you plan to produce high volumes of machined metal parts, hiring out milling services is likely to save your business thousands of dollars.

Get Precise Parts

Although CNC lathe machines are primarily controlled by computers, using them still requires a great deal of skill. Metal blanks and sheets need to be loaded precisely and the machines need to be calibrated expertly to ensure that the final parts are perfectly balanced and free from flaws. The professionals at milling machine shops have extensive experience operating CNC lathe machines, so they reliably produce precise and fully functional parts. These parts are typically balanced and turned on an axle, so they should be weighted perfectly. Since the technicians at milling machine shops work with other people's designs all day, they will be able to translate your designs into the exact parts you need.

Get Multiple Milling Services

Milling machine shops offer more than simple lathe services. With complex CNC machinery, they offer turning, drilling, boring, and reaming services. With all of these services offered by a single company, you can create complex parts using any or all of their services. At your own shop, you would need to have access to multiple types of expensive machinery to achieve the same results.

To learn more about creating metal machine parts, contact a milling machine shop in your area.