Keys To Using Angle Heads With CNC Machines

Posted on: 5 May 2021


You can purchase a lot of incredible components for a CNC machine, but one of the more versatile is the angle head. This component allows you to customize materials in a more convenient way. If you use these tips, you can start seeing success with your angle heads almost immediately. 

Consult With an Angle Head Manufacturer First

You don't want to potentially get the wrong angle head because then it may not fit onto the spindle of your CNC machine correctly. Or even if it does, your customizations may not be optimized. So that neither issue comes up, consult with an angle head manufacturer before purchasing and using this special component.

Tell the manufacturer the exact model number of your CNC machine and the types of fabrication you plan on completing with it. Then compatible angle heads can be recommended by the manufacturer, and you can pick and choose from the suggested bunch. There's more security in this compared to just buying an angle head after performing your own research.

Modify the Program When New Tools Are Used

You will probably end up using different tools with the angle head, depending on what type of machining you're doing and the materials you're using. So that each tool used leads to optimal fabrication results, make sure you adjust the program that is used with your CNC machine.

You need to account for each tool's properties so that the program is able to take your inputs and implement them correctly into CNC machining. Whereas if you didn't modify the program each time a tool is changed out of the angle head, you may have a lot of trouble getting precise results. 

Don't Work Angle Heads Beyond Their Parameters

Regardless of how your angle heads are designed and the materials they're made out of, they will have set work parameters that they need to stay within. Find out what these are so that you don't put your angle heads through too much.

If you did, then you could cause damage to the angle head and nearby structures. Find out how the angle heads you purchase are supposed to be used so that you don't have this damage to deal with.

Angle heads are one of the best investments you can make for any type of CNC machinery. You will have unlimited customization potential if you follow certain rules when using this special machining component. Contact a company that sells angle heads to learn more.