What's Wrong With My Water Pump?

Posted on: 4 March 2020


Whether you have a water pump for use with a well or one that is installed as part of an industrial or manufacturing process, you expect your pump to get the job done without any hassle. But any piece of machinery with moving parts is capable of wearing down and eventually breaking down over time. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your water pump, sure, but at some point, water pump repair might become necessary. If it has become clear to you that your water pump is not functioning as it should be, you are likely looking for answers. Based on what the pump is or is not doing, or what kind of sounds it is making, you may be able to narrow it down and figure out the source of the problem. Here are some potential scenarios that might be happening to you.

Your Water Pump Clearly Has a Leak

If you have discovered that your water pump suddenly has much less pressure than normal, or you are noticing water showing up somewhere that it is not supposed to be, chances are good that your water pump has a leak. A leak in a water pump is usually caused when a seal breaks down. Seals can break down from wear and tear over time, but they can also break down faster if your water pump's moving parts are not properly lubricated. If your seals are indeed worn out, you will need a water pump repair service to install new ones before you continue operation.

Your Water Pump is Making Way Too Much Noise

It's natural for your water pump, or any piece of machinery for that matter, to make at least some noise during operation. But if you've been around your water pump long enough, you surely know the difference between what normal operation sounds like and the strange noise you are hearing right now. A water pump that is especially loud may have some issues with the bearings inside the pump. This could also quickly lead to additional wear and tear because it means the bearings are not properly secured and you might have parts moving in an unintended way.

The Water Pump is On But There is No Water

In this scenario, you can hear the water pump running but it's clear that it's not actually pumping any water. If it's turned on but not doing its job, this could likely be an issue with the pump's impeller. The impeller plays a large role in creating the motion that actually pumps the water. So your pump might technically have power but if the impeller isn't moving correctly, you're not going to get much of anything out of the pump.

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