4 Tips For Cutting Your Own Foam

Posted on: 8 February 2020


If you need a foam insert for something, you can take the foam and cut it down on your own. Or you can hire an industrial company to help you cut the foam if you need a large number of foam inserts created.

Lay Out the Foam on a Solid Surface

First, take the foam insert and remove it from the case. Lay the foam insert out on a surface that you can cut on. A worktable is a good idea for this type of project.

Trace the Design

The next thing you need to do is trace the design out on some thin paper. Take the object and use a pencil to trace the shape of the object onto the paper. The tracing paper is going to be your template that you will use to cut space in the foam so you can take the object that you want to keep safe and place it inside of the foam. It is okay if it takes you a few times to get the outline right.

Use a Precision Knife

Next, overlay the tracing paper on top of the foam. You can use some toothpicks to hold the paper and keep it from moving. Then, take the precision knife and cut lightly through the tracing paper. This will leave behind the outline on the foam base. Remove the tracing paper, and then take the precision knife and cut a little deeper around the outline. Once you cut out the outline, you are going to want to start removing the foam. You can use the knife to get just the right depth.

Put the Items Inside the Foam

Once you have the foam cut out deep enough, it is time to test it out. Put the object you want to keep safe inside of the foam and make sure it is a good fit. If the fit is a little too tight, you can remove some more foam. If it is not deep enough, you can cut a little deeper into the foam. Once you have it right, you can use the foam to protect the item.

You can create your own foam inserts with the right amount of foam when you have an individual product that you need to protect. Or, if you have lots of items you need to protect, you can work with an industrial business that will mass-produce all the custom foam inserts you need for your products.