Three Reasons For Buying And Using Angle Head Bits In Your Machining Shop

Posted on: 3 February 2020


Many industrial and manufacturing plants have a machining area where even the tiniest of details are added to a product. Small holes for tiny screws, precision cuts of small pieces, and even micro-tooling are par for the course when clients/consumers request it. If your micro-machining equipment could use a leg up, consider purchasing and using angle heads, which are bit holders that help pivot machining bits at different angles. Here are some reasons why you should buy and use these angle heads. 

Get into Tight Spaces Your Other Heads Cannot

Try as you might, your machining equipment currently cannot get into tight spaces required by the design engineers to create the products the clients want. Most of the time the projects get to a certain point, and then the products have to be removed and finished by hand with manual tools and workers who can sneak their fingers and hands into these tiny places inside the nearly finished products. That costs time, money, and perfection on products you want to impress clients and consumers. The angle heads would get into those tight spots during production and speed things up quite a bit. 

Save Time and Money

When you can speed up production because every product does not have to be removed from the machining table to be finished manually, you are saving a lot of time. More of the same product can be finished in less time. Additionally, you are saving money because you will not have to hire nearly as many workers to finish the tiny details by hand. The angle heads would get all of the micro-machining tools into the products right where you want the micro-machining tools to go. 

Accept Client Projects That Require a Unique Approach and a Unique Solution

From time to time, you and your company will have a client/consumer approach you and request help on a project/product. The problems they are having have not been resolved by taking the product/project to other machining shops. If you have angle heads, you can take a more unique approach to the problem at hand, and then offer these clients/consumers a unique solution. The angle heads for your machines will actually allow you to accept more projects and product manufacturing jobs because you are able to offer the unique solutions the clients/consumers are looking for. The best way to get started is to buy your angle heads now.