3 Key Tips When Purchasing A Card Creasing Machine

Posted on: 3 February 2020


If you're needing to fold coated papers in a professional manner, then you'll want to invest in a card creasing machine. They can make this folding task easy and safe to complete. As long as you remember these tips, buying one of these machines will be a smooth process. 

Decide Between Automatic and Manual Design

In terms of how creasing machines operate, there are primarily two designs. These include manual and automatic. Both designs are advantageous for different reasons. For instance, manual card creasing machines are great if you're on a limited budget. You won't have to spend as much money and that may be okay as long as you don't mind putting in more work. If you want to streamline your coated paper folding operations, though, then automatic card creasing machines are ideal. They cost more but using them will be much easier. 

Assess Creases Per Hour

One of the more relevant factors to assess when looking to buy a card creasing machine is creases per hour. This ultimately determines how fast this machine can operate on a regular basis and it will vary from machine to machine. Figuring out what creasing figure you need will involve assessing your operations. How many coated papers need to be creased in a given period of time? Once you take time to truly assess your operations, you'll have a better idea of what crease per hour rate to go with. Just keep in mind the better this rate is, the more you may have to pay.

Make Sure Brand is Trusted

The quality of your card creasing machine is highly dependent on its brand. There are several different card creasing brands today, but not all of them produce the same quality of machines. Thus, you should take some time to analyze these brands. Start by seeing how long each brand has been around. If one has a lot of mainstay in this industry, that's a good sign that their machines are worth the investment. You also want to go with a brand that is received well by those in your industry. For this, you will need to look at some reviews.

Card creasing machines play such an important role for coated paper folding operations. As long as you take this investment seriously and do your due diligence with research, you should have no trouble finding a great machine that works perfectly for your particular operations.