Why Engineered Wood Products Are Eco-Friendly

Posted on: 2 February 2020


You might be anti-wood building materials because you are "pro-tree," but there are wood-like products out there that might change your mind. These engineered wood products are more eco-friendly than you might imagine. Here are some reasons why these products are perfect for tree lovers like yourself. 

Engineered Wood Made of Scraps

Some engineered wood is made of scraps of other wood and sawdust. Usually, these leftover wood products are thrown away, but they can be made into wood panels to be used for constructing things like cabinets and shelving. This process makes your wood scraps and sawdust into a recycled wood board product, thus removing the scraps and sawdust from landfills and making it eco-friendly. Fewer trees have to be cut down, too, which something you can really appreciate. 

Engineered Wood Veneers

Less wood is harvested from trees when veneers are made from the wood that is taken. Veneers provide a wood look to any surface without using large pieces of wood that consume several trees in the process. Veneers take thin slices of a single piece of wood. From one, one-inch board, you might get dozens, even hundreds, of smaller veneer pieces. Compare that to the dozens of trees you would have to chop down and cut up to get the same look for a hardwood floor. Veneers are also the least expensive option for creating the appearance of a wood floor or wood-paneled wall. 

Laminated Wood Boards

Laminated wood takes thinner boards that might otherwise be scrapped and sandwich them together with a sort of shellac glue, transforming them into one solid, thick board that cuts easily without splintering or flaking. Again, boards and wood byproducts that reduce the consumption of trees makes these products very appealing to anyone wanting to save trees and still construct a home or other items inside your home with wood-like products. 

Ready to Build?

If you are now curious to see what engineered wood products can be used to build and construct, talk to a contractor that uses wood building materials in everything they do. They can show you a portfolio of past projects and what the engineered wood projects finally looked like. You may discover something that you really like the looks of, and then you can hire the contractor to do something similar within your home. As an added bonus, ask for any engineered wood product leftovers that the contractor may have saved from past projects to complete your project. 

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